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Comparing Side, Back, and Stomach Sleeping Positions

Sleeping Positions research claims that most adults acquire a likely position of side sleeping. They move irregularly due to the integration of distinct sleeping positions with style. On the contrary, kids have an equal likelihood of lying on other typical positions like side, back, and stomach sleeping. To put it simply; sleeping positions have assorted pros and cons, and each individual gets to choose the one that is most suitable for him or her. While you may practice a usual sleep posture, it might influence your health in ways that you do not realize and avoid, leaving behind unusual body aches. Some individuals who don’t have a preferred position then either move to other positions or shift their sleeping locations throughout the period. Sleeping procedure cannot be the same for everyone: everyone has different demands about it.

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What to do and what not to do when these symptoms appear

Comparing Side, Back, and Stomach Sleeping Positions

But, it is while we are sleeping that probably we can notice physical issues that may not be self-grasping at that point. Nevertheless, those manifestations are gradually progressing, so the significant list of chronic diseases that become the consequence is huge. Let us now discuss different sleeping positions and which option among the lateral, supine or prone position is the best for you based on your symptoms. Continue reading and find out what perks lying on the other side night can bring you.

  • Heart Problems: according to a study published in Science Direct, most patients with heart problems tend to avoid the left side of their sleep – lying on their left side.
  • Acid reflux and heartburn: If you have heartburn problems and chronic gastroesophageal reflux then you have to sleep on the sides rather than stretching your stomach on the sleep surface. The worst thing is lying on your stomach can make symptoms worse.
  • Snoring and Sleep Apnea: Do you others next to you give you a tired look and wake you up in the middle of your sleep time? Has ever crossed your mind that you may be suffering from sleep deprivation?Yes! Subjects complaining of such problems can sleep better and more peacefully if there’s a side sleeping position available rather than the other alternatives.
  • Neck and Back Pain: Do you suffer from some of the usual spine pain? Try out the different postures and find out which one fits you best. Side sleepers can get relief from knee pain, by tipping a ball between your knees. Back sleepers may need to provide an upright angle on which knees are lying at the waistline with a wedge pillow.
  • Wrinkles: You are aging faster than a normal person? Could be because of the no excitement involved; you sleep while your face is pressed on a pillow! Wrinkles that appear early are a symptom that you have woefully ignored sleeping on your back.

Sleep on your side

Comparing Side, Back, and Stomach Sleeping Positions

The most popular sleeping position is probably on the side (side sleeping) where your body is slightly congested on your side. So this position can’t be that easy, but it’s at least one of the healthiest sleeping ways.

Aside from sleeping on the side is known to have the effect of assisting the clearance of wastes from the brain, this directly reduces the human chance of developing a brain ailment like Alzheimer’s disease. In the case of side sleep, you won’t feel that your airway is unnecessarily restricted, hence, to breathe comfortably during the night, you will need no more effort. It is effective in treating snoring problems by reducing the occurrence; besides, it can help can treat sleep apnea.

When the book speaks about sleeping on one’s side, it is in no way meant to imply that it is the best sleeping position, because there has never been any sleeping position worthy of that title. Just as you wake up from one side of your sleep and shoulder pain is what you experience you suffer from the same when you sleep regularly on one side. Besides headaches, cervical pain will also occur if the pillow doesn’t give the head and neck the much-needed relaxation.

Switching to a better mattress and pillows will help to alleviate side sleep reduction effects while choosing a different side to sleep over time can also improve sleep condition. Finally, side sleepers who have joint diseases like arthritis might experience stress on the affected joints, which will force them to change their style of sleeping to ease pressure.

Sleeping on the back

Comparing Side, Back, and Stomach Sleeping Positions

Some of the people are back-sleepers, so, they end up sleeping in their back position even when they try a different position. Interestingly, when one repeats the same position over and over during the night, they end up sleeping in the same position they began the night. By standing in this common position, you get the same feeling as naturally standing, and give enough space for the spine to be in its normal shape.

Thanks to its overall function of supporting the whole upper body, it therefore prevents the initiation of fatigue or pain in a single part of the body. Placing a pillow or a rolled towel under your knees when lying on your back will, in most cases, assist in preventing lower back pain.

Although the position can give you more comfort, it is probably also able to make your acid reflux worse, especially in the morning if you already have that issue. The sleep paralysis cause is not known or understood. Yet, the chance of deep sleep paralysis increases while sleeping on your back. Nevertheless, laying back is the best sleeping position for most people among others due to its health benefits. It can be improved if you raise your bases slightly with pillows or better still you can adjust the bed/mattress.

sleeping on stomach

Comparing Side, Back, and Stomach Sleeping Positions

That’s true because the final job in this circle has much to do with bad sides and none, practically, about its advantages. However, much less than half of those over the age of 16 take the comfortable position as their main choice for sleeping. By sleeping on your stomach, you are more likely to develop neck, lower back, and hip pain, as well as worsening gastro-oesophageal reflux disorder symptoms. This association is the most concerning for the people who have esophageal reflux disease and they must take extra steps to avoid these kinds of diets.

However, you should bear in mind that sleeping on your stomach is less likely to cause snoring and this condition is probably caused by sleep apnea, it is not worth taking a chance. The overwhelming majority of pediatricians and physicians advise against putting someone sleeping in the presence of a baby or small child to enjoy their sleep.

It will be not wrong sometimes when you lie down on your stomach, but when it becomes your standard and favorite position to sleep, it may cause you problems in the future.

Do I need to change my sleeping position?

Comparing Side, Back, and Stomach Sleeping Positions

A lot will extremely depend on your current health stage. If you don’t have snoring, dormant sleeping apnea esophagus reflux or GERD, and you don’t have pain at all, then there is not much to do when you get older. In so doing, you have already possibly encountered the best sleeping help and probably already practiced a good sleeping posture.

Yet, if you always feel your back or neck hurting as early as you wake, you guessed right: your sleeping position is the problem. Suppose that you are not getting sound sleep. This might not seem serious now, but eventually, it could lead to some important health issues.

Therefore, try changing your position of sleeping at night to prevent sleeping problems.* The side sleepers transitioning after a stomach sleeper may find it more comfortable to hug a pillow, as it reminds the feeling of the stomach pressed against the pillow.


Ultimately, the collective research buries a dynamic scheme among health benefits and discomforts. Studies reveal that modified sleeping positions witness that, as we grow older, children are highly in numerous to play back and side sleep, whereas most adults choose to position themselves on the side. On the other hand, one should understand that there’s no neutral sleeping position because each is associated with its benefits and drawbacks that can be different for various people.

Just as we have seen the ways that sleeping positions affect the health aspects in this section, the findings already suggest that simple modifications in this behavior have a great impact on health. The area is whether it shall be precisely treating heart complaints, acid reflux, snoring, or managing neck and back pain; but these cases should be studied so that one might be able to identify the best sleeping position possible for him. The signs which show how a person practices poor or quality sleep are detailed and such that there are no universal options for the best kind of sleep for people as every person’s situation differs.

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