Ardha Chandrasana (Half Moon Pose) Benefits and Step-by-Step Guide


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Yoga technique is the best way to release stress. In time, your upholding of postures would boost your health. Ardha Chandrasana is such one that could make a big difference for you and your health if you do this regularly. ‘Chandra’ is the name of the moon and the name of Ardha Chandrasana also known as the Crescent Pose is part of the Chandra Namaskar to basically mean the welcome greeting of the moon but is also a reference to devout Hindu devotees who daily face the rising sun. Chandra Namaskar commonly is the word of the moon Serenade, which is the foundational asium in the yoga system.

Its simple comprehension makes it possible to be performed easily. Due to its continuous presence in the core sun salutation practice, it can be removed from the stand-alone pose practice that was found in the hatha yoga style. Finally, Ardha Chandrasana, being a perfect alignment standing pose, improves results after Ashwa Sanchalanasana 1-3. Now we will delve into the health factors associated with Ardha Chandrasana.

What is Ardha Chandrasana?


The Chandra Namaskar or Salutation to the Moon flow developed by the Bihar School of Yoga has some standing in the practice of yoga now. The sequence of the flow in their “Asana Mudra Pranayama Bandha” contains “Ardha Chandrasana” or “Crescent Pose” which are incorporated into the Chandra Namaskar. Followed by Chandra Namskar at positions 5 and 11 in the first round and positions 19 and 25 in the second. The relationship between the lunar energies through adherence to the visionary experience of alignment is what is being brought to the foreground here. Also, Chandra Namaskara performed with deep together with Moon energy, which is controlling the performing the meditation.

Adding mantra chanting to the entire Chandra Namaskara not only serves to instill us with the lunar energies but also helps us to be able to link with them. By switching to the mantra recitation process, the meditation comes as an addition to the practice. In this way, the level of the body and that in the metaphysics gets well connected to form a complete experience with both physical and metaphysical components.

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To perform the Ardha Chandrasna yoga pose, you can follow these steps:To perform the Ardha Chandrasna yoga pose, you can follow these steps:

  • Inhale. Move your arms, which are shoulder width apart, up and towards the ceiling.
  • Finally, then my back, and neck look upward and my head is lifted.

Arda Chandrasana Variations:

  • You can choose this asana with a more complex variation by bending the other knee in front and folding it.
  • Meanwhile, you land with your back heel and inside the foot off the ground.
  • Plus, it is possible to do this movement in the opposite direction by switching the legs to stretch the other side.

The vision of the moon in the late evening or at night has to be clear, which is best during dark or fast and during dawn on a full moon for a balanced posture.

Do you know?

Named Ardha chandrasana from Sanskrit a half word chandra meaning “moon” and asana meaning “pose”. There are many interesting facts about Ardha Chandrasana that you may find interesting to read:

  • Chi Vacuum, or Anjani Asana is an asana from the Moon Salutation in Sivananda Yoga and its generational styles, such as the Bihari School of Yoga.
  • The word Bikram means the side bend. In Hindi, this asana is known as the Arch Pose.

Benefits of Ardha Chandrasana:


The benefits of Ardha Chandrasana are likely to be beneficial for a variety of conditions and issues, some of which are as follows:

Benefits of Ardha Chandrasana to Control Aggression in Teenage Students:

Besides yoga asana, pranayama, mudra, etc., there is a whole slew of helpful tools that can be used to cope with mental problems by anyone. Along with this, resources like good yoga, relaxation, and one-on-one counseling can be very effective in removing anger from other feelings such as calmness. Rao (1995) ranged from the physical health of an individual to a holistic improvement of their well-being as a human. Chandra Namaskar composed of various yoga poses helps diminish the level of aggression in adolescents by calming them down and reducing their stress, tension, or anxiety level 2 To the extent to which this is the case, the multiplicity of yoga techniques with its specific effects is to be preferred. To do the pose correctly, please consult with a doctor and carry out the pose along with proper supervision.

Benefits of Ardha Chandrasana for Pregnant Women:

Sengupta published findings in 2014 on the wellness effects of Ardha Chandrasana and other popular yoga styles in the middle stage of pregnancy. The researchers found out that this pose delivered standing benefits- comparable reduction of pressure in the lower abdomen and it accords to strengthening the spine, ankles, and thighs. Open your hips. Holds the hamstring tight, and improves the tone of the calves and shoulders. Also, this pose contributes greatly to the balance and the peacefulness of the spirit. Finally, this asana must be attended to by a yoga teacher because women should be trained in it.

Benefits of Ardha Chandrasana for Muscle Strengthening:

Tripathi (2018), in another study, referred to Ardha Chandrasana to be one of the poses of Chandra Namaskar which has not only over-reaching benefits but also physical benefits. Approximately it could be indicated that the pose is trying to produce more strength in the pelvis, thighs, legs, feet, and the whole lower body. On the other hand, it may contribute towards a simple life.

By practicing yoga man is building up a bridge of communication between mind and body. Conversely, it is backward-looking, and not a replacement for either Western medicine or herbal treatment of Ayurveda. You need to keep in mind to consult a doctor in case of any severe illness, not to use the yoga system only to treat a disease. Please proceed with the consultation with a real doctor who will properly diagnose you and consequently provide you with the relevant advice. On the other hand, as practice is an essential part of learning yoga, a professional yoga teacher is compulsory to guide and ensure safety against any kind of injury during the process of training.

Dangers of Ardha Chandrasana


Some of the risks associated with Ardha Chandrasana are common in Chandra Namaskar:

  • Grannies are recommended to limit their physical activities to a level that is not as hard for them.
  • Women should not possibility require any Chandra Namaskara pose during menstruation and pregnancy.
  • This pose should not be practiced by individuals who are in danger of having high blood pressure, cardiovascular disease, stroke, and hernia, among others.
  • All movements must make sense in their nature being smooth, deliberate, and attentive. During your exam period, stress is the last thing that you are willing to experience.
  • Then slowly and ensuring awareness, carefully linking from one pose to the next.
  • This is the case 3 to 7 times during the day. It is also sinusoidal and occurs smoothly.
  • Beginners may do only two to three distinct situations.
  • By eight, the pose can be done by children.

With the help of a certified and well-informed practitioner, we can access and acknowledge the risk factors and go through Aethra Chanchrasana with care.

mindfulness and awareness of potential risks


Though the Ardha Chandrasana alone practiced when linked to Chandra Namaskar is full of benefits, exercising these asanas with full awareness and forethought is essential. Contrary to the general rule about any yogic exercise, it is necessary to follow an expert in the performance of Ardha Chandrasana, practicing all steps with an eye for each detail.

Several considerations must be taken into account to ensure a safe and effective practice:

  1. Age and Physical Limitations: As seniors are told to abide by all the rules and not go beyond the limits, yoga practice is an area that requires them to be extremely careful and not do too much of it. It`s just important to adjust the intensity of the practice individually as every person has their own capabilities.
  2. Menstruation and Pregnancy: Women are advised by all means to avoid extending their precarious yoga postures including Ardha Chandrasana at the time of the menstruation or pregnancy. These are the times when even matters of abortion matters need modified methods to focus on the pregnancy itself as well as its mother.
  3. Pre-existing Health Conditions: Individuals with high blood pressure, cardiovascular diseases, a history of stroke, or hernias may experience an increased risk due to the complicated nature of these health conditions and therefore must consult with their healthcare professionals before engaging in Ardha-Chandrasana.
  4. Mindful and Stress-free Practice: In addition total Chandra Namaskar sequence all movements including foot positioning such as Ardha Chandrasana must performed with effortless, thoughtfulness, and deliberate consciousness.
  5. Gradual Progression: To navigate through the execution of Ardha Chandrasana, one has to begin with gradual practice to follow the rhythmic flow of a wave transitioning the poses from one to another. It is advisable to carry out Soma Namaskar with Ardha Chandra asana only 3 to 7 times; nothing more than that. In the beginning, beginners should exercise from 1 to 3 rounds to set the norm and regain the tone.
  6. Children’s Participation: This position is basic behavior that can be started even by young children as young as 8 years. However, their practice should be approached with age-appropriate modifications and supervision to ensure a safe and enjoyable experience.


Chandra Namaskar is brought into my practice and thereby harmony is created in the Chandra Namaskar. This practice is now a part of my life and I find that balance and beauty are created in the process of this particular yoga pose, i.e., Ardha Chandrasana. What it could be doing yoga could offer various benefits to improve your health, mind, body, and soul. Students can find it very useful in reducing the instances of aggression and even strengthening the muscles of those who practice consistently the warrior one. Additionally, this pose is very helpful in calming pregnant women during delivery. They can also stimulate the spinal nerves, keep the body balanced, build self-esteem, and ensure that the person stays in the right state of health. However, if you have shin splints, exercising at a vertical level makes it inappropriate.

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